Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pixel Art

I like to think that I'm a creative person. A couple years ago, during the commercials of the March Madness games I designed and assembled my first pixel art project: a picture of Richard Hamilton.

Gif Created on Make A Gif

I cut little squares of white printer paper on which I drew random letters, numbers, symbols, and other designs with a black Sharpie. I'm not sure the exact number of pixels but it's around 600 total. It took a long time. It took even longer after my older sister Emily dropped a blanket near my attempt at creativity sending the little squares airborne in all directions. I finally finished it after a few days. I felt like it was a success.

Earlier today I finished my latest pixel art project. This time I used paint samples from Home Depot and I taped them up on my wall. I made Blinky, the red Pacman ghost. I think the fact that this one is in color makes it look a lot nicer. It only took me two days to finish this one because it doesn't have nearly as many pixels as the Richard Hamilton one does.. I had to cut the paint samples up into little squares (around 200). It was fun! It took a while, but it was still fun.

      Creeper eyes...

Here are some amazing examples of pixel art that I found online:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Shoes

Nike Blue Chip II:
I have a pair of these except they're blue. I think the orange one's look sweet though.
 K-Swiss Parkour Shoes:
(They don't come in my size)  :(

 Nike Zoom FP:
These were my basketball shoes senior year.
 Nike Air Uptempo:
These were my basketball shoes my sophomore year. I had the black ones. They were sweet. No matter how ugly my teammates say they are, I LOVE these shoes!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Greatest Memories: Version 1.0: WSM Leadership Journey (June 18-23, 2009)

I was not planning on going on the Leadership Journey because I had basketball summer league games and work outs and partially because I didn't really know what it was exactly. This is where it starts to get interesting.

The day before my first summer league basketball game last summer, we had an open gym. I was playing really well trying to show the best of my ability to the coach hoping to get some playing time in the game the next day. One play I was running down the court on defense. The ball was thrown over my head but I jumped up and intercepted it. The only bad part: my landing. I caught the ball but when I came down I landed on the side of my right foot. Snap. There goes my ankle. I hit the ground in the most pain that I had ever felt in my life. I was bummed to say the least. I felt like everything was falling apart It really made me realize that I'm in a lot less control than I thought I was.

After a few weeks of crutching around everywhere and chilling on my couch with a cast on my right leg, I was still really bummed that I had broken my ankle. It hurt like crazy and it caused me to miss every single summer league game. I didn't think it could get any worse.

On June 17, 2009, the day before the Leadership Journey, I got a call from Jerry Hines, my high school pastor. He said there was still one open spot for the trip and he asked me if I was interested in going. He said that he called because my name specifically came to his mind. After asking my mother I thanked him and told him that I could go and was really excited.

The next day, 22 high schoolers, including myself, and five leaders took two 15-passenger church buses down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a Leadership Conference.

On our way down we stopped at God's Bible School. We had some really good team bonding and group discussions. Later in the evening we played basketball and volleyball in the gym for a couple hours. I still tried to play despite my broken ankle. I had gotten really good at hopping on one foot.
When we arrived in Gatlinburg we put all of our stuff in our hotel room and went to the first session. Everyday there are two sessions, one in the morning, and one at night, along with a late night concert. The speakers' name at the conference was Louie Giglio. I had never heard off him before originally hearing about this trip. He was a very powerful and inspiring speaker. His messages we're and still are among the best that I have ever heard. Fee led worship at every session and Leeland and David Crowder Band both performed in the late night concerts.

I spent most (all) of my time time with Matt Nanney, Joel Roath, and Deanne Bradshaw. We had lots of free time in between sessions and occasionally late at night. We walked (or crutched) into town several times just checking out all of the cool stores and paying way too much for one scoop of ice cream. Everyone was so friendly and several people verbalized the fact that I was rather large. I had so much fun hanging out with my best friends the whole time. It was like better than a dream.
One day Jerry wanted to drive around in the bus looking for cool scenery. Matt, Joel, Deanne, and myself went with him. We came up to this mountain and parked the bus. It was raining so I had to cover up my cast with a plastic garbage bag. Jerry wanted to climb it because there is a waterfall up there. I was a pretty confidant crutcher (not a word) so I decided that I would go. So we all took a three mile hike up the mountain, over a fallen tree that was almost as tall as I was, to get to the waterfall. People walking the other way coming down the mountain thought that I was crazy. They may or may not have been correct. It was a tad bit tiring but it was worth it.

Overall it was one of the best memories of my life. Scratch that. It was the best memory of my life. And wouldn't even have gone had I not broken my ankle. It's crazy to think about. God is awesome. What I thought was the worst possible thing that could've happened to me at that time, He used to humble me, and give me the experience of a lifetime.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Such an amazing verse. God is great.

Thank you so much if you have taken the time to read my blog, this post especially. I know that I have said in the past that "I just practically wrote a novel". Well this time I pretty much did. And this is the short version of the story. I didn't talk about how it is impossible to beat Matt and Joel in any card game when they are on the same team, our security guard named Kevin, how Deanne was scared of the Fee drummer, a bunch of famous people signing my cast, Megan Harris running/dancing into a wall, how many times Joel had to save me, secret time, and the list goes on.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Some of My Favorite Songs

1. Depraved - Anberlin

2. Oh, Happiness - David Crowder Band

3. To The Wolves - Anberlin

4. Undisclosed Desires - Muse

5. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

6. Strange Town - Neon Horse

7. Smack Down - Thousand Foot Krutch 

8. Welcome to the Masquerade - Thousand Foot Krutch

9. Cover Your Eyes - Children 18:3

10. All We Ask - Grizzly Bear

11. Starlight - Muse

12. Solar Powered Life - The Classic Crime

13. Word of Mouth - John Reuben

14. Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

15. Kountry Gentlemen - Family Force 5

16. Micro Cuts - Muse

A Plethora of Funny Photos

The following is a collection of some pictures that I found on the internet that made me, as teenagers say, ''laugh out loud". I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  =)

1. In(ter)ception:

2. Adobe Wan Kenobi:

3. Decept-icon:

4. I found this humerus:

5. T-Mobile

6. Five "feet" of snow:

7. Facebook:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camp Woodside 2010 Blobbing Video

Here is a highlight video of the best blobs from Camp Woodside this past year. I'm in there twice getting blobbed. The first time I was only double-blobbed (only two people blobbed me) and don't get me wrong I still went pretty high. The second time (at the very end of the video) I was triple-blobbed and this was the highest that I have ever been blobbed. It was so crazy. All I could say was "WOAH!!!". It's crazy when you're that high up in the air and you look down at the water. It's a bizarre feeling when you're sitting on the end of the blob and you know that there are three huge men who are about to jump off of a platform onto a huge pillow of air launching you into the air who knows how high. I get an adrenaline rush kind of like when I'm on an intense roller coaster. Bottom line: I LOVE THE BLOB!!!!!

Facial Expressions

Here is what I was talking about in the previous post. The facial expressions of the people on the other team are priceless. The photographer took a burst of like five pictures in like the half second that this all took place. The first picture is from right before and the other one was taken during the actual dunk. I think the facial expressions before are a little funnier but the other ones come in at a close second.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tyler Bloodworth Dunk vs. Berkley

I had a basketball game against the Berkley Bears on January 14, 2010. I came of the bench for a short period of time and did pretty well I scored two points, a couple rebounds, a couple blocks, and a foul. I got taken out after that. A few minutes later my coach told me to sub back in. I went to the table and sat down waiting for a stoppage in play. As I was subbing in my coach told me to "play strong!". I went in and tried to play strong and play as hard as I possibly could. Some one on the other team made a free throw and I ran down the court and stood under the basket. I dunked in a game for the first time in my life. Billy Klotz inbounded the ball to Nick Bradley who blew by his defender and took the ball all the way to just inside the three-point line. My defender took a half step towards him as if to try to stop him. Right then Nick made an amazing pass to yours truly under the basket. To me it was all happening in slow-motion. When I got the ball I thought to myself "This is your chance. Don't blow it". That was by far the most fun I have ever had scoring two points. After I gracefully set the basketball in the basket I ran down the court and jumped for joy at the same time. My teammates laughed at me and said that I was skipping. That may or may not be true. I honestly don't know. I was too caught up in the moment. This whole ordeal has been the highlight of my sports career to date. One of the best parts was that there was a photographer at the game (which only happened twice all season as far as I remember) and he just happened to be standing under the right basket at the right time and pressed that little button on top at the right time taking what is now my favorite picture. I ordered a pretty sweet poster of said picture on Snapfish that is currently hanging up on my bedroom wall. My favorite part about the picture is the look on the faces of the people on the other team as well as the intense look on my own face. I entered the photo in a monthly contest online for the best local high school sports photo through The Oakland Press and it won! The picture was put in the sports section of the Oakland Press and I won four Detroit Pistons tickets on the court on the baseline and I got to go out onto the court before the game to get my picture taken with winners from other months.